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seducing a savage, b love

Seducing a Savage (Boss Babe) by B. Love – Free eBooks Download


Savage: Not able to be controlled. Untamed.

When Toussaint returns to Memphis, his memories are bittersweet. Though it always feels good coming home to family and friends, it is also a reminder of how long he’s been away… and how much has changed. After having spent the past seven years actively securing his place as an international financial juggernaut, the simplicities of home are a stark reminder of how much he’s given up making his financial dreams a reality. Now used to finer experiences, luxury living, and modelesque girlfriends, the down home, southern charm is like a foreign breath of fresh air… until the sight of Vanessa nearly suffocates him.

Once the typical girl next door, Vanessa Givens became the definition of overnight success when a well-known celebrity stumbled across her line of natural skin and haircare products. She went from barely booked to so busy she had to quickly enlist the help of a small army to process the orders that came in. No matter how much money Vanessa makes, she’s never lost connection to her roots and what matters most… which is why Toussaint’s mother begs Vanessa to help remind her son of the priorities he’s forgotten.

Vanessa is given seven days to help Toussaint regain the importance of family and community. He’s become known as a brute savage, valuing only his next investment. No woman can capture his attention for more than one night and leave him wanting more. Will Vanessa be yet another woman who falls victim to Toussaint’s priorities, or will her feminine charms influence him enough to finally plant his roots as she tries to seduce a savage?

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