Seduced By the Brazen Baron by Ella Edon (ePUB)

seduced brazen baron, ella edon

Seduced By the Brazen Baron by Ella Edon – Free eBooks Download


His embrace was the trap she would never want to escape from.
Selina, the third of the Warwick sisters, is the Aloof Princess of the Season, a name she earned by rejecting all possible suitors. She’s vowed to marry for love and she will accept nothing less.
Let alone be charmed and fooled by a rake.
Lord Michael Caney enjoys the bachelor’s life to the fullest as one of the ton’s most successful heart-breakers. But this is about to change. The sight of an exquisite lady and the challenging bet of his friend are enough to cost him everything he’s always craved for; his freedom.
Michael’s determination to win the hard-to-please Selina compromises them both and leaves them no other choice but to wed. Yet, as passion arises between them, there will always be a shadow above their happiness.
For what Selina always wanted was to find true love. Now, she must accept her own destiny next to a husband who can do all sorts of things to her but love her.
Imagine if she knew his dirty little secret…
He was a gambling man but she changed the game’s rules…

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