Secrets We Whisper in the Moonlight by Rachel Higginson (ePUB)

secrets we whisper, rachel higginson

Secrets We Whisper in the Moonlight (Decisions in Durham #2) by Rachel Higginson – Free eBooks Download


Eliza English has grown up in the shadow of her two brothers, Will and Charlie. Protective, pigheaded and overwhelmed with the day-to-day of their co-owned bar, they get in the way of every romantic relationship she’s ever attempted. She would do anything for them. And for the bar. But lately, she wants more than a life grinding through every day with only her brothers to share her burdens. Lately the crush she’s had on her big brother’s best friend is demanding more and more attention.
Jonah Mason has known the English siblings almost his whole life. Will is his best friend, practically family. Charlie is the kid brother he never had. And Eliza… well, she’s nothing like a sister at all. Actually, lately, he’s been thinking about her way more than he should. Lately, he can’t seem to think about anything else but her.
Eliza and Jonah have always drawn firm lines between friendship and anything else. Sure, there’s always been attraction, but both of them have always known anything beyond that is strictly off limits. For the sake of their work. For the sake of her brothers.
Until one moonlit night when they share secrets they never meant to whisper out loud.

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