Secrets Revealed by Alisha Williams (ePUB)

secrets revealed, alisha williams

Secrets Revealed (Silver Valley University #2) by Alisha Williams – Free eBooks Download


One secret down, only one more to go.
This wasn’t the way I wanted them to find out, but the universe doesn’t seem to be on my side these days.
But now they know, both of my secrets.
I’ll need to learn to balance the new changes in my life, while battling with the old wounds of the past.
They say they don’t hate me anymore, and that they just want to start over.
I want that too, but how can I forgive them after everything they have done? How can we just move past it?
Will they think I’m worth it when life becomes too hard?
My life is about to become a whole lot more chaotic.
This has been one of my worst years so far, and the pain isn’t over yet.
Would having them by my side make it easier?
Life is short, so why not grab the bit of good I can find and hold on tight. Surround myself with the love of the people who mean the most.
Because I feel I am going to need it.
Our story has only just begun.

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