Secrets in Starlight by November Sweets (ePUB)

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Secrets in Starlight (Hidden Light #1) by November Sweets – Free eBooks Download


A promise made. A life bargained away. A future unknown.

The day I have been dreading for most of my life has just passed.
I’m now twenty-five and the King of Arathum’s bride to be.
What could the King possibly want with an orphan girl like me?
No one ever asked me what I want, which is to stay in my village with my best friend and love of my life.
Or so I thought.
When the time comes to leave Celtia, I’m more than ready to get the hell out of there.
Nursing a broken heart, I take my adventure in stride, determined that I will enjoy my freedom while I have it.
Things take a sideways turn though when unknown enemies come out of nowhere and secrets start to reveal themselves slowly.
Nothing is quite what it seems in Arathum, and the future I had dreaded is now in question as I learn things from this hardened group of men.
It only takes a little while for me to start wondering; did they capture me or did they actually save me?

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