Secrets in Salem: Part One by J.J. Dean (ePUB)

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Secrets in Salem: Part One (The Devall Duet #1) by J.J. Dean – Free eBooks Download


I wanted answers.
I got more than I bargained for.
At age sixteen, my mother told me I was adopted.
At age twenty five, I’m finally searching for the answers to the questions I’ve been asking for the nine years that followed that discovery. I’m finally going to know who I am, where I came from, and put faces to the people I only know as my biological parents.
Well, that was the plan.
After a disastrous trip into Hollow Grove woods on the night of All Hallows’ Eve, strange things begin to take place in the peculiar town of Salem. Known for the biggest witch hunt of the sixteen hundreds, the town doesn’t bat it’s eyes at the odd occurrence. In fact, the whole place is built on secrets buried deep in the roots that created Salem.
When the animals start behaving erratically, townsfolk go missing, and blood stains the cobbled streets that line the town, the people get scared. And when those of Salem grow afraid, that’s when the finger pointing begins.
Only this time, the townsfolk aren’t pointing their fingers at the innocents believed to be witches.
They’re all pointing at… me.

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