Secrets in Paradise by B.B. McNeil (ePUB)

secrets in paradise, bb mcneil

Secrets in Paradise (Moretti Brothers #1) by B.B. McNeil – Free eBooks Download


Sloane Harrison is the epitome of the good girl. She went to the college her father wanted. She worked for the family business, and she was planning to marry the guy her father approved. That is until she found out her soon-to-be had been a repeat cheater their entire relationship. What is the cure for a broken heart? Why an impromptu trip to Maui. In this beautiful paradise, all she needed was something to get her mind off her past.

Or rather someone. He was built like a god with tattoos and a devilishly sexy smile. He was everything she was warned about. He would be perfect for a one-night stand she would never forget. Then they would never see each other again. Perfect!

Mataio Moretti is a bad boy and a businessman with a reputation on the island. He has one rule: Never sleep with a woman more than once. No attachments. No broken hearts. Give them what they need and never repeat. That is until she walks in. She is everything he would break a rule over. A one-night stand is exactly what they both need. Then surely he can walk away. Surely.

But what happens when the one-night stand ends up across from you in the boardroom? Signing on to be a partner in a new billion-dollar merger? Can their secrets from the island remain intact? Will they be able to keep it professional? How will this affect the merger? Things just got complicated.

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