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Secrets (Crown & Crosses #1) by Violet Malvik – Free eBooks Download


When Maisie met Magnus for the very first time, he was different from the men she grew up with and he was nothing compared to what she had heard. But, even after spending days in his company, she would rather remain his friend, than be forced to marry him. Will she ever acknowledge the fact that she enjoyed being with him? Will her relentless father be able to change her mind? Or will her passion to be a warrior overshadow her desire to start a family of her own?

Magnus couldn’t shake the fact that Maisie was taller and prettier than he expected. Intrigued by the sparkle in her soft eyes, she seemed to understand and accept him for who he was. He envied the bond she shared with Graham, who secretly loved her. Confused by his drive to stay back and spend time with her, even though he had no intention of marrying her. Notwithstanding, he hoped that she would make a better man a good wife in the near future.

Will Magnus reconsider winning Maisie’s heart? Or will he be consumed by his quest to stop the men trying to oust his father and take over his territory?

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