Secret Baby With My Brother’s Best Friend by Bella Chandler (ePUB)

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Secret Baby With My Brother’s Best Friend by Bella Chandler – Free eBooks Download


Six years ago, I gave my v-card to my brother’s best friend, and the only boy I’ve ever loved. That night scorched me, and with it came secrets buried beneath years of heartbreak and layers of resentment.

To pursue his dreams, Logan Thompson walked away from our small town – and from me, without ever looking back.
Six years later, when I blindly accept a new PR client, I am in shock and disbelief when I am face to face with Logan—the chiseled, arrogant and irresistible baseball star, who shattered my heart years ago. Logan’s the flame I swore I’d never play with again, but I am hopelessly drawn to the heat.
When a photo makes its way to the front page of the papers, creating a fake relationship to boost his image feels like a winning strategy, but it’s a dangerous game. Pretending to be in love for the cameras is one thing, but the sparks we rekindle are real.
Now, forced together in a whirlwind of fate, a storm paralyzes the town and traps us both in close quarters. His rugged looks and whispered promises make it hard to resist, but I have to protect not only my heart, but the secret I have been carrying for all these years…

That he is the father of my child.

When he learns the truth, will he walk away again or prove that this time, he’s truly playing for keeps?

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