Secret Baby Daddy, Part 5 by Paige North (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

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Secret Baby Daddy, Part Five by Paige North – Free eBooks Download


A secret baby, second chance romance from Paige North…

Colt Brooks.

He’s everywhere.

On the billboards that grace the freeway, on my television screen, and most of all, in every fantasy I’ve ever had since I was a teenager, the fantasy that became true that one summer night.

The summer night where out of nowhere, he slid his hand to the back of my head and brought me in for the most head-spinning kiss in existence. It was heavenly, dizzy, wonderful, everything I’d been hoping for.

We couldn’t get enough of each other, and in the following days and nights, he surprised me again by taking things slowly, whether it was unbuttoning my shirt, bringing me against him so I could see how hard I made him, or slipping his fingers into my panties and feeling how wet I was for him right before working me to my very first climax.

But then everything changed when I got unexpectedly pregnant…

I told myself I kept the baby a secret because I couldn’t keep Colt from his career.

But the truth is that deep down, I was afraid he wouldn’t want us. At least, not for the right reasons.

But now Colt is back, fresh off a tabloid scandal that’s left his career reeling, his gray-blue eyes reflecting the bruises I left inside of him when everything went wrong between us.

His brown hair is still wild, his skin still tanned, and those full, beautiful lips I used to kiss in secret still set in that determined line.

Soon we’ve picked up right where we’ve left off. Kissing, touching, his hands all over my body, doing things to me no other man ever could.

But how do you tell the only man you’ve ever loved you’ve kept a secret from him for years? A secret could change his life forever and send everything he’s worked for crashing into oblivion?

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