Second Time Around by Susan Coventry (ePUB)

second time around, susan coventry

Second Time Around (Kiss & Tell Book Club #3) by Susan Coventry – Free eBooks Download


She never expected to fall for the same man twice…
Jenna never forgot her first love, but she doesn’t remember him with fondness. Twelve years ago, Beck broke her heart, and then he moved away. Jenna went on to become a successful, independent woman, and she’s happy with her life. However, when Beck unexpectedly returns to their hometown, her world is turned upside down.
After the incident that occurred twelve years ago, Beck left Michigan for Chicago, where he became a successful restaurant manager. During his time away, he tried everything to get over his first love, but he never forgot her. When his mom is diagnosed with cancer, Beck decides to return to his hometown so he can be close to her and his family. Of course, he’s hoping to reconnect with Jenna too.
Despite his best efforts, Jenna is determined to keep Beck at bay. She refuses to open her heart to him a second time, only to be hurt again. However, it was a lot easier to hate him from afar. Soon he’s wormed his way back into her life, and she finds it harder and harder to push him away.
Will their relationship succeed the Second Time Around?

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