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second thoughts, v kelly

Second Thoughts (To Be With You #2) by V. Kelly – Free eBooks Download


When haunted pasts and broken souls collide . . .
Brad has always kept his past a secret. He moved from Alabama to flee his ghosts and the broken heart that came with them. He turned himself off to the world, always pretending to be happy when inside he was slowly dying. It was easier to be a shell of nothing, than it was to let someone in to fill up the empty blank space. But all that changed when he met her . . .
Britni has always been the cheerful one. The one people turn to to make them smile. Using laughter as a way to cover up her broken past, Britni’s made it a point to hide the harsh reality that made up her childhood from everyone. Keeping her past hidden has always been easy until she met him and everything changed . . .
It was the instant connection between them that made Brad propose. It was the same connection that made Britni say yes. Neither one expected the other to be broken. Neither one thought they would have second thoughts. It was inevitable for them to be together, but it was also inevitable for them to fall apart.

Can Britni and Brad survive the past that wants to tear them apart? Or is the past enough to finalize their second thoughts for good.

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