Second Chance to Fall by Ella Spade (ePUB)

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Second Chance to Fall (Southern Comfort Romances #3) by Ella Spade – Free eBooks Download


Oh gosh. Now I’ve done the thing I said I’d never do.
We were never meant to be. Now all these years later, he’s still the one I long to be with.
Back in the very place I didn’t plan to return to, I see him all the time. I’m determined to not let him know how I feel. I’ve worked so hard to chase my career and I can’t risk letting that slip.
But that’s exactly what I’ve done.
I’m mortified. Angry at myself. But then I realize he left me sleeping. No note. Nothing. Now I’m hurt on top of all the other emotions surging through me.
This was probably the sign that I can’t fall for him again.

I couldn’t believe it when she came back to town. I thought I’d never see her again.
I never really got over her, though.
I’ve been waiting for the right time to ask her out on a real date. But we always seem to get interrupted or it just doesn’t fall into place.
Last night, though, things went over the line. In a good way. We reconnected and I’m so hopeful that maybe this is our time. Our second chance.
And then, I find out I’ve messed up already. I’m going to have to find a way to smooth this over because I can’t lose her again.

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