Second Chance Protector by Lacey Kendrick (ePUB)

second chance, lacey kendrick

Second Chance Protector by Lacey Kendrick – Free eBooks Download


The same guy that dumped me years ago is back to save my life.
Not good…
I’m keeping a secret that I’m not ready to share.
He was my first, and I thought he would be my forever.
I was so wrong.
He left me and I never saw him again.
So, I omitted to tell him something.
What he didn’t know couldn’t hurt him.
Plus, I didn’t need a man who doesn’t love me.
But when a new drug starts circulating in the high school I work in,
I know I’m in over my head.
Worse, my brother asks none other than Jon for help.
This guy is an Ex-SEAL with eyes I can’t resist…
He’s also the absolute last man I want to return to Grove Rock.
And he’s now a single dad…
To protect my pride and my secret, I try to avoid him.
But it’s impossible.
Soon, I must admit that not an ounce of our chemistry has faded.
I still want him. Badly.
But this drug crisis escalates and I wonder where it will take us.
If we survive this… Will Jon ever forgive me for hiding my secret from him?

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