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Secluded Nature (Cartwright Cousins #1) by Lindsey Brewster – Free eBooks Download


Abbey Cartwright lives her life the same way that she practices medicine: detached and clinical. She is the head Pediatric Anesthesiologist at Hasboro Children’s Hospital and has built her reputation in her practice so that everyone knows her name. She prides herself on her ability to separate her feelings from her job and the rest of her life.
That is, until she meets Luke Roberts. He causes her past to come rushing back and Abbey finds herself opening up to him, piece by broken piece. She has spent her whole life running from her past and the shame she feels about it. His piercing blue eyes seem to know what she’s thinking, and no matter how hard her stubbornness tries, she just cannot shake him.
Will Luke be able to help her get over her past? Or will his sexual desires fuel the fire which caused her to run away in the first place?

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