Searching for a Stranger by Elaine Kinkead (ePUB)

searching stranger, elaine kinkead

Searching for a Stranger by Elaine Kinkead – Free eBooks Download


Searching for fulfillment…for love…for herself

Isla Meadows is happy. At least that is what she tells herself. She is a successful business owner; her two grown children are thriving. She even has a great relationship with her ex-husband. What more could a woman want?
When the COVID-19 pandemic begins, her son encourages her to look for companionship on an online dating site, and with some trepidation, Isla dips her toe into the waters on internet relationships and meets Aach Frager.
Aach is a widower, a man of deep faith, and while Isla considers herself “spiritual,” she has never known much about the Bible or Christianity.
Despite the seeming differences in their beliefs, Aach and Isla set their initial doubts aside and give themselves the opportunity to get to know each other better. Skepticism blossoms into a deep emotional bond, despite Isla’s persistent gut-wrenching doubts. Nine hundred ninety-nine pieces are in place. Why does she feel compelled to seek beyond the obvious, and, into the one missing piece?
Does Isla have the courage to face herself? Take a second chance at love?

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