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Nico Bradshaw enjoys the orderliness that being a police detective gives him even though his chief seems to have a bone to pick with the local motorcycle club. As a rider himself, he can’t understand what the issue is since the club has done a lot for the community of Templeton after having settled there. But orders are orders and when one of his informants provides him with information that appears to point in their direction, his chief puts him on the case. His orders? “Nail them!”

Cameron Marcum is tired of cleaning up her sister’s messes, which have followed them from Chesterfield to their new home in Templeton. What’s worse is she is really attracted to the local police detective, who she caught leaving her sister’s place one morning. She despises and loathes her sister, Jasmine, for her manipulative, devious ways so when she learns what her sister’s plans are, she reaches out to share the news.

Can Nico and Cameron work together to get to the truth or will an innocent man end up paying the price for the chief’s corruption?

**This book is part of a collaboration – for the other half of the story featuring Spidey and Coral, see Liberty Parker’s Hide & Seek**

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