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SEAL Mates (Older and Hornier #1) by Sarwah Creed – Free eBooks Download


I was way past forty, a single mom, and I needed to interview three hot stallions. I thought maybe I was pre-menopausal as I started getting hot flushes. Until I realized that it wasn’t my hormones making me hot, just them.
I’d gone from two bad relationships to moving back in with my mom. I needed a bestseller, so bad. Desperation entered my mind as my high school friend, Greg, an ex-SEAL, told me that I could join one of his support meetings and interview some SEALs.
Meetings like this took place all over the county and the next one was in the mountains. I could have waited until there was one locally but that felt like a lifetime, so I decided to go for it.
A drive.
A long one resulted in not only one SEAL agreeing to do the interview, but all three.
Blake the mechanic with his sexy British accent. Whenever he opened his dirty mouth, all I wanted to do was get greasy with him.
Alec the local sheriff, with his smoking green eyes gave me the urge to take his handcuffs and tie him up.
Derek the L.A. stuntman risked his life on set and I wondered if he would do the same thing for me.
They shared the same house.
The naughty part of me, wondered if they would share me?
I thought I was too old for such fantasies, the only thing I should be looking forward to was no more cramps and only hot flushes. They told me instead of interviewing and making the book fictional, I could write a memoir.
I thought that no one would want to read a sad story of a single mom with three kids. The more time we spent with each other I began to realize, we had more in common than I’d originally thought because they are so much younger than me.
The more time I spent with them, I decided that I didn’t have to choose.
Why choose one, when I could write about all three?

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