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scum, ka merikan

Scum (Wrong Side of the Tracks #1) by K.A. Merikan – Free eBooks Download


“10 years ago, he ruined my life. Now, I will ruin his son.”
Shane. Ex-con. No-good bastard. Scum.
Rosen. Trust fund boy. Virgin. Sucker.
Shane is straight out of prison, and has one goal only—to wreck everything dear to the man who put him behind bars. And number one on that list is Rosen, Ed Beck’s son. Shane’s plan is to incriminate the boy, but when the dreamy blue eyes meet his, Shane can think of a hundred other ways to ruin Rosen right under his father’s nose.
If Rosen’s dad is to pay for his art degree, Ros has to stay on the straight and narrow. Join a fraternity, avoid scandal, and keep his sexuality under wraps. Seems easy enough until he meets Shane, a bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. All sanity goes out the window, and the slippery slope leads Rosen down a path of violence, blackmail, and passion too sizzling to be denied.
Shzne thinks he’s in control, that Rosen is just a means to an end, a tool to be manipulated. But as a love he’d never even dreamed of becomes real, he’s starting to realize he doesn’t have to be the ‘scum’ society’s been telling him he is.
Shane now stands at a crossroads, between Rosen and revenge.

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