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Schooled on Love: Complete Series by Kaci Lane – Free eBooks Download


Get your degree in sweet, Southern RomCom by binge-reading this four-novella series about educators finding love. A group of career-minded coworkers thought they knew it all . . . until they got schooled on love.

Taco Truck Takedown
As much as she loves his tacos, she hates him even more.
Hadi just landed her dream job as principal of her alma mater. Now, she’s on a mission to squash the small-town rumor that she got the job due to her pedigree. Only one thing stands in her way of success . . .
Tacos To-Go.
Literally . . . The food truck is in her way. Thanks to ex-MLB star, Christopher Cruz, who parked it in plain sight of the school campus, calling all staff and students over with his irresistible guacamole.

Side Hustle
A single school teacher desperate to get ahead got way more than she bargained for when she started a side hustle.
She’s a Hustle app driver. He’s a detective on a case. And her most regular passenger is a criminal.
One minute Angie’s counting her tips and the next, she’s being frisked by handsome detective Trent Turner.

Buggy List
With a marriage this strong, nothing could come between them . . . except maybe a baby.
Raven has big goals for herself, and having a baby falls far down on her to-do list. It plunged even further in her priorities after watching her sister give birth.
Unfortunately, her husband, Doug, is more than ready to start a family. When Doug shares his opinion, Raven panics and thinks of everything she wants to accomplish before she is tied down to a baby.
That’s when she comes up with a plan. Her Buggy List.

Falling for a billionaire beach bum wasn’t on her off-season agenda.
Samantha can’t wait to spend her summer break on the Gulf Coast researching dolphin migration patterns. And thanks to a former colleague, she has a free place to stay . . .
In a retirement community.
Shady Palms is the perfect place to focus on work, since she’s the only inhabitant under fifty. Well, aside from the attractive guy in the floppy hat who keeps cropping up around every corner.

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