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The abusive ex, the endless arguments—I’ve put all that behind me. I’m healing at my own pace, and with my new job at the local bakery, I’ve got almost everything I need. I won’t give in to the wrong kind of man twice, but these long hours make me crave a release I can’t get from just anyone.

Dane isn’t just anyone.

He’s a fireman who takes charge, and he’s not afraid to have his way with the right person. The more nights we spend together, the more I wonder if that person might be me. Of course, I knew my ex would resurface, but I didn’t think he’d resort to stalking me. Dane’s protective, but he suddenly turns cold and won’t say why. I know it’s because of my ex, and I won’t let my him ruin my life again.


A new life, a new city. I’m feeling at home in Chicago, and the good men at the fire station make me think I could leave who I was behind. Firefighting keeps my temper—and my impulses—in check. The last thing I need is a distraction.

But Simon is endlessly distracting.

The one thing I’m missing from my life is a man who’ll let me take control. Simon brings back that familiar longing, and I want to explore it with him. But when he tells me about his abusive ex, I pull back. Anger used to rule my life, and the more his ex appears, the more I fear I’ll hurt the man who’s hurt Simon. I can’t let Simon see that—even if it means pushing him away.

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