Scales Like Stars by D.J. Russo (ePUB)

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Scales Like Stars (Lyrica’s Merfolk #1) by D.J. Russo – Free eBooks Download


Separated through circumstance.
Reunited by the Goddess.
Bonded through fate.

Liam’s life is in shambles. After the death of his parents and loss of his job, he finds himself daydreaming of a better life only to fall head-first into the ocean. He’s certain his short life is over, only to be rescued by a merman. But he’s not just any merman—his savior is Kade, the boy Liam fell in love with a decade ago in high school. The Human-Merfolk Exchange Program introduced Kade to Liam’s world. Now Liam is forced to swim a mile in Kade’s scales. The two of them suddenly find themselves back in each other’s arms, but will their good fortune last this time around, or does fate have other ideas for the star-crossed couple?

Kade can’t believe his luck when Liam is unceremoniously dropped into the ocean and turned into a merman by forces-unseen. But he’s made terrifying discoveries: their reef is dying, and their Elder, a leader to their people, has disappeared. Not only that, but strange, violent occurrences begin plaguing their underwater home of Promeiya, and no one seems motivated to solve the mystery. The fate of their home and possibly the world hangs in the balance.

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