Say You Promise by L.A. Ferro (ePUB)

say you promise, la ferro

Say You Promise (A Delicate Vows Duet #1) by L.A. Ferro – Free eBooks Download


My future was mapped out. That was the one thing I could control in my dismal life. Get a job, save money, and get out. It wasn’t hard. All I had to do was suffer in silence a little bit longer, keep my head down and stay the course.
The things that threw my life off course were the things I couldn’t plan for. I couldn’t plan on my new co-worker turning my life into utter chaos. He’s brooding, arrogant, and off-limits, but the chemistry we share is binding. Now, I must figure out how to bury these treacherous feelings before they jeopardize everything.
So, when my longtime crush and best friend decides, he’s ready to take our relationship to the next level, I should be all in. He was always the future I wanted, the end that made sense. All this time, I was only waiting for him to realize it.
It’s too bad even the best-laid plans can turn to crap. I should have known there’s no true escape for the girl who comes from nothing. All that comes from nothing is heartache.

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