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savior, Kaya Darke

Savior (Violent Delights #1) by Kaya Darke – Free eBooks Download


I’m hitting the peak of my modeling career, but all I want to do is run.
All I’ve ever wanted is to get out of this life of crime and away from the Moretti family.
Escaping my ex-boyfriend, Carmine, and his merry band of criminals was always the plan.
Meeting Torrin Walker and falling head over heels in love with the leader of a notorious Irish crime family So not in the plan…
Carmine is pure evil…
Torrin is even worse….
His eyes.
His lips.
His kiss.
His body.
It’s hard to resist the crush of attraction when I meet a man whose past is as twisted as mine.
Torrin sees right through me with his searing gaze. He ravages me with his hands. He soothes my soul with his sultry Irish tone.
I’ve never had much of a family, if any at all.
Torrin manages to fill that void in his own ruthless, possessive, ways…
… Until our lies threaten to destroy everything.

Tiocfaidh ár lá…
The grip of the past suffocates me, shadows looming in the depths of my soul.
My father thought I was powerless, a mere puppet tethered to his whims.
My brilliance overlooked, my ruthlessness unseen, and my wit unheard.
I took matters into my own hands–death isn’t foreign to me.
It’s my time to rise.
Then Aria King struts into my life on those red bottomed heels.
From the moment I lay eyes on Aria, I know she is for me.
She is mine to possess. To dominate. To control.
Aria doesn’t flinch at my insidious nature.
For a woman who’s as calculating as I am, I’d expect nothing less.
She welcomes every part of me.
Parts others would run from with disdain and revulsion.
She quenches my thirst for humanity in ways I never thought imaginable.
She revives whatever is left of my shattered soul.
Until I find out why…
Tiocfaidh ár lá…
Our day will come.

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