Saving Veronica by Deanna L. Rowley (ePUB)

saving veronica, deanna l rowley

Saving Veronica (Ronnie’s Meadow #1) by Deanna L. Rowley – Free eBooks Download


Veronica, aka Ronnie, Parker’s life was headed in the right direction. After a near-fatal accident, she had to take a step back to reassess what she wanted out of life. The only thing missing was a man with the potential of starting a family. However, the only one that interests her wears a suit every day. Because of her previous relationship years ago, she made a vow to never ever date a man who wears a suit every day to work.
Finnegan, Finn, Larson returned from doing ten years in the Marines to take over the reins of his family’s foundation. After wearing camo every day, he donned a suit and knuckled down to learn the ropes. Before he even started working at the family business, he encountered a passionate woman that set him on fire. He couldn’t wait to meet her again. Unfortunately, the next time he met her he was saving her life from a near-fatal accident.
When they finally decided to get together, Ronnie’s past comes back and threatens not only her but her new life with Finn. Can their relationship survive?

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