Saving the Hitman by Mila Crawford (ePUB)

saving htman, mila crawford

Saving the Hitman (Men of Ruthless Corp.) by Mila Crawford – Free eBooks Download


Trudy: We had to run. We had to hide her. I promised never to make myself vulnerable to a man, but when a young girl is about to bring down an entire mafia syndicate, you make an exception. I never realized protecting her would lead me to a rock hard Hitman with a dark past and deadly hands. Or that his ultimate target would be my heart.
Malik: It was supposed to be an easy job, take out the son of a prominent Don and put an end to an international child trafficking ring. Cut and dry, all in a day’s work. There weren’t supposed to be any complications, namely a delectable dark haired social worker with a sassy mouth and a heart of gold. I don’t do relationships, a hard rule I live by. So, I never expected hitting a mark would land me in love’s free-fall.
Now we’re stuck together, one of us trying to keep a young girl safe, while the other is trying to hunt down the man who wants to kill her.
They say love is blind but somehow, without fail, it knows exactly where to hit you.

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