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Saving Scout (Charon MC #5) by Khloe Wren – Free eBooks Download


Nothing worthwhile in life ever comes fast or easy.

Twenty five years after first meeting the Charon MC’s president, Scout, Marie is still waiting for him to realize they’re meant to be together. But instead, he comes to her asking she hire his ex. Frustrated with his continued rejection, she leaves town for the weekend to clear her head and maybe find a man who’ll help her forget her infatuation.
When Scout first met Marie, she was way too young, and he hadn’t been looking to settle down. Over the years, he’d never bothered to rethink his stance. When he learns Marie has fled town, he panics and realizes he needs to step up and claim what has always been his. Tracking her down, he approaches her at her hotel and he finally lets the sparks fly.
But before they can ride off into the sunset, trouble brews and Scout is taken by an enemy from their past that neither of them knew had been waiting for them. Can they overcome this latest hurdle to finally find their happily ever after? Or are they doomed to always be apart?

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