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saving her, mazzy king

Saving Her (Magnolia Mountain PD #4) by Mazzy King – Free eBooks Download


Malcolm Andrews doesn’t consider himself a hero–just a guy who does his job, and does it well. But when an emergency call comes in from Magnolia Mountain PD late one night about a prowler, Malcolm doesn’t hesitate to rush there…because he knows nightshift front desk worker Alyssa Morello is there and in danger. They’ve always been friendly, but now something has changed, and they’re about to become closer than ever.

One of the good things about being a cop in a small town is that there’s always a break from the action. And one of the bad things is that you can never tell when that break is going to end.
I’m working the late shift one night when I get a call that there’s a prowler up at the lodge.
There’s only one person I know who works the nightshift like me…and she’s in danger.
Alyssa has always been a friend, the girl I’ve had a secret crush on, but now something’s shifted, and I hope it’s the start of something new…and forever.
Because she’s the only woman I want, and I always get what I want.

I came to the mountains for a fresh start after a bad breakup, and I love my slow life. I only answer to myself, and I’ve grown in ways I never dreamed of.
The only thing missing is love…not that I’m eager to get my heart broken again.
It’s easy to make friends with the gorgeous cop who always stops in to say hello on his nighttime rounds. It’s easy to trick myself into thinking that maybe he does it because he likes me…and maybe I like it because I like him.
I only wanted to keep things surface-level and easy…but when I get an unexpected visit from a prowler one night that scares me to death, Malcolm is there to save me.
And as we grow closer, it becomes apparent that he’s saved me in more ways than one.

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