Saving Anderson 2 by Rochelle Summers (ePUB)

saving anderson, rochelle summers

Saving Anderson (Billionaire Bad Boys #2) by Rochelle Summers – Free eBooks Download


Thwarted at every step, one man will stop at nothing to prove himself to the woman of his dreams.

After years of getting what he wanted, Barry finally met his match. She was whip-smart and beyond attractive. His usual charms and brusque attitude failed to get him anywhere though, leaving Barry at wit’s end. She was all he could think about and, despite wanting to make her his, knew that this powerhouse consultant was the one thing he couldn’t have. Unless he did the unthinkable.
Natasha had seen it all before, but never quite like this. Barry was reprehensible. The sort of office wolf women were warned about. She’d spurned his advances from the moment she began working with him yet he refused to give up. What was it about this man? Natasha was a woman used to solving problems on a corporate scale, but Barry was giving her a run for her money. Unable to avoid him, she slowly feels her walls coming down.
It is a game neither are used to playing but are unable to escape. Like it or not, they needed each other. Can they overcome their differences or is it already too late?

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