Saved By the Lifeguard by Maddison Summit (ePUB)

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Saved By the Lifeguard by Maddison Summit – Free eBooks Download


This hot Aussie lifeguard has just found his toughest customer…

It’s every girl’s dream, right? Wake up on a sunny beach with a hot, muscles-for-days lifeguard bent at your side, lips on yours, giving you the kiss of life like you’re a certain dozy-headed fairy-tale princess…
Except that’s not me. I didn’t want to be saved. Which was why I’d purposely swum outside the flags.
I didn’t do it for attention. But now that everyone knows what I was trying to do, they’re watching me like an active volcano.
Add to that, my unwanted Knight in Shiny Boardshorts is now sticking his fine, aquiline nose into my business, because he’s puzzled as to why I’m not thrilled he saved me, like every other moony, poser of a female who comes across him.
All I want is to be left alone.
And now, despite the fact the friction between us is worse than a crotch-full of sand in your swimsuit, Captain Cheery says he’s falling in love with me…

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