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Saved by Starlight (Warrior Kings of Alioth #6) by Sara Ivy Hill – Free eBooks Download


The vicious alien warrior hates that we’re fated mates. I think he’d rather kill me than keep me.

When my sister, Ada, and I were abducted from Earth, my life began. Finally, I found my purpose: help our captors revive their species after a terrible war destroyed their planet. Call it Stockholm syndrome if you want, but they needed me.
So when Ada sends an angry alien warrior to “save” me, I’m not interested. At least, not interested in being rescued. I’m very interested in my cold, handsome rescuer…especially when he recognizes me as his fated mate!
But as romantic as that sounds, I’m a complication he doesn’t want. Every time I look into his piercing eyes, I wonder….will he learn to love me? Or will he stop at nothing to destroy the fragile bond between us?

All my life I’ve been a puppet, used by those whose power exceeded my own: My father, the Emperor. The High Priest who’s eager to take his place. My five brothers, each the ruler of a planet while I have none.
But now that my father’s dead and my oldest brother has taken the throne, I’ve begun to cut my strings. I just have one more mission before I’m free: find her.
My brother wants her because she’s the sister of his queen. The High Priest wants her to use against him. I don’t care either way, as long as I’m through with both of them…
Until the moment I catch her scent and realize the goddess has made me the greatest puppet of all. The little terrakin is my fated mate, and there’s no tether stronger than that bond. No puppet string with greater pull.
Good thing my knife is sharp.

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