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Saved by Grace (Cajuns Hockey #5) by Jessica McBrayer – Free eBooks Download


I am a 6’5” 210-pound NHL defenseman and a kindergartner just brought me to my knees.
And I liked it.
I had an angry captain and the director of public relations, his fiancée, wasn’t too happy with me either. It only took one photo of me in a compromising position with a woman in a dark hallway of a club to make everyone want to take a piece out of me. Myself included.

I’ve always been the fun one, lightening up tensions before they could boil over, but still focused on playing hard and winning. My nickname was A-Bomb for a reason. Then I walked in on my girlfriend. She was supposed to be getting my mail while I was traveling. Instead, she was in my bed with the hipster barista down the street. Yeah, burned the mattress.
I had to believe love would still find me, but I was going to forget about relationships for a while.

Stop trying to be Mr. Forever and just enjoy being Mr. Tonight.
Then that damn picture went viral.
So, Cynthia, the Queen of Cajuns’ PR, whom I considered a close friend, decided I needed to clean up my act with wholesome activities. Like visiting a grade school and talking about teamwork and the importance of goals. Instead, I’m being set up with a cute little kindergartener’s aunt who is a second-grade teacher at her school. The little girl is tiny compared to me and within the first five minutes of knowing her, she had me wrapped around her tiny little finger.
I just wished I’d seen her coming…

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