Savage Sinners by Nora Cobb (ePUB)

savage sinners, nora cobb

Savage Sinners (Elites of Macedon High #3) by Nora Cobb – Free eBooks Download


The Elites of Macedon broke me. But I shattered them.
But somewhere along the line, we did the unthinkable.
They fell for me. And I fell for them.
Parker, Soren, Tomas, and Lev…
Once upon a time, I wouldn’t have blinked if they disappeared from my life.
Then the devil forced us to pay a price, and everything changed.
Now, the thought of losing any one of them is unbearable.
I’ve lost too much to just walk away now. All of us have.
Our love is dark, bloody, and twisted.
What I once close, I now eagerly open.
Where I once fought back, now I gladly give in to their rough and irresistible touch.
Where I recoiled in terror, now I willingly submit to their insatiable need.
I will do whatever it takes, sacrifice whatever is required, to keep us alive.
To keep us together in this depraved kingdom we built.
They are mine. I am theirs.
And nothing will rip us apart.

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