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Savage Prince (Lost Moon University #3) by Bella Jacobs – Free eBooks Download


FORD: The woman I love sacrificed herself and rose from the ashes with no memory of what we were to each other.

She doesn’t remember how hard she fought to resist our connection. She doesn’t remember our first kiss or our last or what she said to me just seconds before her phoenix form caught fire.
Now, I’m on the run with a stranger with a cheery disposition that’s nothing like the Juliet I knew.
This Juliet is certain we can come out on top, no matter how bleak the odds. This Juliet enjoys flirting with me and suggests we share a bed on our way to get help from the Wolf King of New York.
I should be happy that the woman I want finally wants me back, but all I can think about is how much I miss my Juliet. I’d kill to have her glare at me the way she used or see her lips curve in one of her grudging smiles.
But there isn’t time to grieve what’s been lost.
We have to take down Hammer Zion before it’s too late, before the man who nearly killed us both comes out on top, once and for all.

This book is part of a serial romance and should be read after books one and two. Savage Prince is a dark romance that ends in a cliffhanger.

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