Savage Obsession by Ashe Barker (ePUB)

savage obsession, ashe barker

Savage Obsession (The Caraksay Brotherhood #9) by Ashe Barker – Free eBooks Download


In a whirlwind of unexpected events, Baz Bartosz’s life takes a dramatic turn when his estranged wife, Julia, reaches out to him after a decade of silence. Their daughter, Lily, has vanished into thin air, prompting Baz to drop everything, including his powerful position as underboss in the Tenerife Mafia, to rush back to Warsaw, Poland, in search of his beloved child.
Risking the wrath of his Mafia boss, Kristian Kaminski, desperate to find Lily, Baz forms an uneasy alliance with the Savage empire, traditional enemies of Kaminski, to uncover the truth.
Baz forms a fragile truce with Julia. They locate Lily but are forced to flee the Polish authorities. When Julia’s recklessness leads to a devastating hostage situation, Baz must summon all his cunning and courage to rescue his loved ones.
Baz must confront personal demons, navigate a labyrinth of danger, and face the ultimate test of loyalty. Can he save his damaged family again, or will they be torn apart by the shadows of their past?

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