Savage Cravings by V.T. Do (ePUB)

savage cravings, vt do

Savage Cravings (Tiernan Crime Syndicate #1) by V.T. Do – Free eBooks Download


Three brothers bound by more than just blood. A cynical club princess who doesn’t believe in happily ever after. And a twisted love story that teases the line between revenge and obsession.

I’m on the run.
Having a cold, abusive asshole for a father is bad enough. It’s worse when he happens to be the President of one of the most notorious MCs in the country. I spent years dreaming of the day I could leave. When the club came under attack, I took it as my one and only chance, and I ran.
I thought I was safe.
I’m not. Not when three captivating, dangerous brothers suddenly appear in my life.
Silas, Killian, and Maverick. As beautiful as they are enigmatic, I was drawn to them at first sight.
I should have trusted my gut when it told me these men weren’t good for me.
I’ve caught their attention. I should have run again when I had the chance.
Too late.
I am as caught up in their web of magnetisms as they are in mine.
And they don’t plan on letting me go…
If only they weren’t my ruin.

***Ends in a cliffhanger.

Trigger Warning: Depict violence and dark themes. It is intended for mature audiences only. Reader discretion is advised.
***Please refer to the warnings at the beginning of the book

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