Sapphire Scars by Pepper Winters (ePUB)

sapphire scars, pepper winters

Sapphire Scars (The Jewelry Box #3) by Pepper Winters – Free eBooks Download


“I thought I was strong enough to survive this awful nightmare. I did my best to take back my power and refused to let my heart fall. Only problem is…my heart is an idiot.”

It only took one droplet of blood to forever change me.
Her blood.
The taste of it. The heat of it.
I swallowed her down and devoured her.
For a while, it was enough.
My monster was content. I believed I’d found where I belonged.
But now…that droplet is no longer enough.
I want rivers of it. Oceans of it.
I want the world dripping in red and I honestly don’t know who I’m hunting anymore.
One thing’s for certain, someone is going to die today.
I just hope it won’t be me.

Triggers on every warning possible.
This is dark, explicit, and will push every boundary that exists.
Be warned….
And to all those dark souls out there…welcome to The Jewelry Box

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