Sand, Sun, and Secrets by Grace Meyers (ePUB)

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Sand, Sun, and Secrets (Waves Of Mystery #1) by Grace Meyers – Free eBooks Download


Can you ever give up hope on someone you love?

Torn over the mysterious disappearance of her husband Scott over a year and a half ago, Leah McMann is left clinging to the desperate hope that he’ll eventually show up on her doorstep. But with the months dragging by and the police almost giving up on his case, she’s faced with the painful possibility of having to move on and start her life from scratch.
With another lonely summer rolling around, Leah decides it’s time for the family to embark on a much-needed getaway to her idyllic childhood home of Tybee Island. She hopes that a few weeks of soul-searching will help clear her head and give her a chance to untangle her messy emotions.
But Leah still isn’t ready to let go of the hope of finding Scott – and when the appearance of her old friend Jordan sparks a fight with her grown kids over their future, Leah is quickly faced with impossible questions. Can she give up on her husband and stop keeping her life on hold? Or will their search for the truth reveal shocking new evidence that could change everything?

Beautifully written with a gripping mix of emotional drama and wholesome themes of trust, love, and the importance of family, the Waves of Mystery series is a fun and feel-good beach read that’s perfect for anyone who wants to kick back and be transported on a memorable seaside adventure.

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