Sanctuary by Sam Burns (ePUB)

sanctuary, sam burns

Sanctuary (On the Wind #1) by Sam Burns, W.M. Fawkes – Free eBooks Download


Paris’s path is clear, his future settled. He’s trained his whole life in politics and the running of a kingdom. He’s going to be an adviser to the future king, his beloved prince. But when his father dies unexpectedly, the current king takes the opportunity to get rid of him, sending him to the barbaric southern tribe lands of Nemeda as a diplomat.
No one has ever returned from the tribes alive.
But he won’t give up on true love. If it costs him everything, he’ll bargain his way back to the arms of Prince Tybalt. Only what he finds when he arrives in Nemeda is not what he expected. The tribes aren’t barbaric at all, and their chief is . . . well, Paris can’t be distracted by the man’s rugged beauty that easily. Can he?

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