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Salty Santa (Welcome to Kissing Springs #4) by Annie Rae – Free eBooks Download


Liza Hawke took the news of her grandfather’s passing hard. She hadn’t seen the man since her father ripped her from a happy childhood in the small town of Kissing Springs, KY. Now, she’s back, and determined to recapture the little slice of heaven she found in this town.
However, Liza faces an uphill battle in more ways than she imagined. Her grandfather was a hoarder… who knew? Her ex-boyfriend, and love of her life, has also recently moved back to town… Lucky Liza. He’s sexy and wild, and grumpier than a rattlesnake on a tin roof. Suddenly, the mess her Gramps left doesn’t look like the biggest pile of crap Liza has to shovel.
Smith Blackburn has circled in a downward spiral for the last decade. After his high school sweetheart ground his heart to ash, the military was supposed to be an escape, a way out of his tiny lot in life. But war slapped him upside the head, stealing the lives of his comrades and what was left of his sanity.
After hitting rock bottom, Smith needed a big change to drag him out of the self-destructive pit of hell. His once beloved hometown is his last hope to make anything of himself. Plus, with his dad’s health failing, it’s only right he man up and get his head out of his rear end.
Seeing Liza again wasn’t in the plans. Can Smith survive their meddling, love-obsessed small town forcing him to work with the woman who blackened his heart so long ago? Can he let bygones be bygones, or will she be the straw that broke the camel’s back?

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