Safe with a SEAL: Needing the Bodyguard by Maura Troy (ePUB)

needing bodyguard, maura troy

Safe with a SEAL: Needing the Bodyguard (Oasis #3) by Maura Troy – Free eBooks Download


Someone wants her dead, but for her there’s no fight or flight. There’s only fight or fight harder.
OASIS operative Maddie Barnes prefers handling things on her own, and the threatening notes left on her windshield are no different. She certainly doesn’t need the help of her former flame and fellow operative, Ian Westlake. Their hot and sticky relationship is history, but she still cares about him, making him too much of a distracting temptation. As the threats escalate, and Maddie’s turbulent past spills into the present, she realizes that anyone close to her is in harm’s way. Meaning she must give up all hope of a future with Ian in order to save his life.

He’ll risk losing her love if it keeps her alive.
Fair or unfair, there’s a long list of vengeful people who’ve got it in for Maddie. Whoever is after her keeps upping the ante, getting dangerously close to the woman Ian loves more than anything. He knows she’s capable of taking care of herself, but ever since childhood they’ve always been stronger together, so no way will he let her face this threat alone. And when an awful secret that could bring Maddie to her knees reveals itself, Ian’ll do whatever it takes to keep her alive.

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