Safe: Love After the Apocalypse by Imogen Keeper (ePUB)

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Safe: Love After the Apocalypse (After the Plague #4) by Imogen Keeper – Free eBooks Download


For months, we fought to get out of the city, away from the gun collectors and kidnappers at the White House. And here we are at Thornewood, a historic hot-spring resort nestled in the wild green forests of the Blue Ridge mountains.
It’s supposed to be our safe place, but while we may be far from DC, we’re not alone. Between an unfriendly local population, a mysterious stranger who leaves bodies and flowers while we sleep, and the unyielding ghosts of our past, life at Thornewood feels anything but safe.
Friendships are forged, enemies made, and death ever-present.
I sit on a precipice, my past behind me, the future before me, teetering between love for two very different men. One a memory, the other alive and hurting. Yorke needs me, and I will be strong for him even if it means turning my back on the past, even if it breaks me.
One thing is clear: surviving the plague that killed humanity was the easy part. It’s living after the plague that hurts.
Frankie and Yorke’s spellbinding journey continues through the chaos of life without law or order, the menacing rise of petty dictators, fomenting clans, the scramble for resources, and a love that proves that sometimes one true love actually can come twice.

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