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S is for Safeword (Grace’s Initiation #1) by Linzi Basset – Free eBooks Download


This is the journey of Grace Forrester and Ralph White, which began in THE INTERVIEW, with her searching for the dream job and him interviewing for a new live-in submissive. This is where it continues…

Grace Forrester
Life is full of curveballs. I just wish they’d bypass me on the odd occasion. Throwing me a lifeline just to yank it right back, doesn’t count. I had my chance at turning around the ever deepening mire of debt I was sucked in… and I messed it up. What sane woman would agree to a certifiable proposal by a prospective employer on the day of the interview? Not this one.
The threat of losing the house I inherited from my parents forced me to reconsider my options. Except… would the formidable Ralph White accept my counteroffer?

Ralph White
I’m not well liked. Not that I care. I worked hard to achieve success and became a self-made billionaire. That is something no one can take away from me. Except it leads to a lonely life, one I counter by carefully selecting a new live-in submissive every year. Grace Forrester ticks all the boxes… but she’s stubborn and spurned the job offer I made.
She’s the one I want and I always get what I’m after. Besides, I have the power and money to bend her to my will.
Amidst a suspenseful backstory of money, power, and corruption, will this sassy vanilla sub give in to the pull of the natural submissive yearning to be set free?

PLEASE NOTE: Although the blurb is in first person, the book is written in third person.

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