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ryker, kate tilney

Ryker (Princes of the Mountain #1) by Kate Tilney – Free eBooks Download


A mountain man and a woman on the run join forces when he finds out she has an important piece of his family’s history and also captures his heart.

According to family legend, my great-great-grandpa struck it rich back in the Klondike Gold Rush. But when a band of outlaws tried to steal his bounty, he hid a pile of gold in a cave and made a map of where to find it. Only, he was never able to return for it. No one has seen the map, or the gold, since.
Yeah, right. I’ve never believed that bedtime story. I prefer reality to fiction.
So when a beautiful stranger asks me to guide her on an expedition up the gold rush trail, I’m not thrilled to revisit my family’s mythology. But with a woman so beautiful and brilliant, I can’t resist. Especially because she grips me in a way no other woman has before.

I am not a treasure hunter. I’m a history major, for crying out loud. But when an ex from my past blackmails me into finding the missing map torn from a diary of an old gold prospector, I have no choice but to become one.
If that wasn’t enough, my guide on this trip is a descendent of the man who wrote the words I have tucked in my backpack. Plus, he’s entirely too appealing for his own good. The more time we spend together, the more I want to tell him everything. But I can’t, my life as I know it depends on keeping this secret.
That may prove impossible as I find myself falling for him as we hike up the trail . . .

Princes of the Mountain is a series of sweet and steamy short romances about four mountain men brothers and their mountain man father who find action, adventure, and true love as they solve an old family mystery with the curvy women of their dreams. No cheating. Light cliffhangers. Happily Ever After guaranteed.

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