Ryder: Salvation and Wreckage by Charlotte Mallory (ePUB)

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Ryder: Salvation and Wreckage (Warlord #2) by Charlotte Mallory – Free eBooks Download


“We’re so new, yet he’s so familiar, his sounds completely consuming me as if I’ve drowned in them for years.”
¤ ¤ ¤
A part of Ryder’s past is now haunting him in cold, calculated ways. He’s used to the pressure and could weather it on his own, but what about when it starts going after his love interest and sports therapist, Julie? She’s still fighting for her brother’s legacy, after all.
The two had never envisioned entering any kind of relationship when they first met, but here they are, in the same bed after a wild, intimate night.
And now the coach knows. And the shadow from Ryder’s past begins to attack Julie, directly… and it will either break her, or bring them closer.
There can be no salvation without wreckage, although sometimes, the destruction is too great to repair what’s been broken. Will Ryder’s heart be able to handle the wreckage coming his way when his past takes the deepest punch they can throw? Or will Julie be the salvation that he needs?

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