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ryder, amanda mckinney

Ryder (Steele Shadows Investigations #2) by Amanda McKinney – Free eBooks Download


I killed a man.
Paid ten years of my life for it.
Then she blew through my front door, all trainwreck and temptation.
A broken soul.
… An invitation to danger.

Photographer by day, Ben and Jerry’s enthusiast by night, Louise Sloane isn’t known for her organizational skills or obsession to detail, but when someone from her past goes missing, she makes it her mission to solve the case—especially when the mystery becomes linked to the notorious serial killer, the String Strangler. During one of the worst snowstorms on record, Louise sets off to the small, southern town of Berry Springs, bulldozing her way into the investigation, and into the home of a reclusive former inmate with eyes as cold as ice.

Ryder’s one goal in life is to be left alone. A desire unacknowledged by the five-foot-two trainwreck that breaks into his house in the middle of the night. He wants nothing to do with her and all her curves—until she uncovers his secrets and unearths a link to the past that changed his life forever.

As boundaries are shattered and relationships are questioned, a body is found on Ryder’s land and it becomes apparent that the killer is closer than anyone realized. And with his freedom on the line, Ryder must risk going back to prison, or losing Louise forever.

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