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ryan redemption, sadie kincaid

Ryan Redemption (New York Ruthless #2) by Sadie Kincaid – Free eBooks Download


Jessie Heaton is in a world of trouble. Abandoning the safety of the Ryan brother’s penthouse on the word of a man whom she no longer knows.
Alone and afraid, she struggles to determine who is an enemy and who is an ally. And with the ruthless Ryan brothers convinced that she has betrayed them, and desperate to hunt her down no matter what the costs, she has nowhere left to turn.
When she no longer trusts herself to decipher the truth, Jessie does what she does best.
But there is a limit to how far one person can go before their past catches up with them, and Jessie’s past is hot on her heels.
Desperate to uncover the secrets of her family’s history, she knows it’s only a matter of time before she has to confront her demons – including the four hotter than hell Irish brothers, who are determined to drag the truth from her by any means necessary.
But what happens when you no longer know the difference between truth and lies? If Jessie can’t figure out who she can trust, she will never escape the past that still holds her captive. Forced to choose between her past and her future, she must make a heart-breaking decision if she is to have any chance at redemption.

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