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ryan, jaycee wolfe

Ryan (Outdoor Alphas #7) by Jaycee Wolfe – Free eBooks Download


I know my brothers love me, and I love them. But being the youngest out of The Lucky Seven was hard.
They thought they all needed to protect me and look out for me. They wanted to keep me safe and keep me in the dark. Unfortunately, doing that put us all in danger.
I have a hard time holding it against them though because it also brought me to the person meant to be mine.
I’ve watched my brothers find their “ones” and finally it’s my time… but my past comes back to haunt me and put the woman I promised to protect in danger.

Growing up with a cousin who’s more like a sister, somehow we always ended up in trouble.
We were good kids just wild. Blake likes adventure and dragging me along behind her. This time she’s found the biggest adventure of her life, and once again I can’t let her do this alone.
What surprises me about this adventure is it takes us to the middle of the woods with seven huge hulking mountain men… one of whom claims I’m his.
For the first time in my life I’m getting to live my own adventure but will this adventure be the greatest experience of my life or will it be the end of it?

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