Ruthless by Hazel Parker (ePUB)

ruthless, hazel parker

Ruthless (Steel Heretics MC #4) by Hazel Parker – Free eBooks Download


I’m a pawn, taken by the enemy, but my kidnapper is proving to be irresistible…
My brother is involved in the shady underworld of California, and my goal of staying far away from his business has always been successful…
Until the Steel Heretics got involved.
Now, I’ve suddenly become a target, held captive in the name of revenge. They want to get even with my brother, but he doesn’t seem to be concerned with his younger sister in the hands of the most dangerous outlaws in the area. And if that’s not bad enough…
My captor might be the sexiest man I have ever met.
His dark eyes glisten with lust every time he looks at me, and as scared as I should be, I find myself becoming more excited with every passing moment we spend in the same room. Things are starting to heat up, and I drift into the gray area…
We’re breaking all the rules.
However, I’m not sure that I can trust him. Is he using me in the name of love or revenge? When things come to a head between my brother and the club, I start to wonder just how far they’ll go to get even…
Because I’m certain this might be the death of me…
Will the bond we’ve formed be enough to save my life? Or will I lose it all?

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