Runaway Bride by Nyla Lily (ePUB)

runaway bride, nyla lily

Runaway Bride by Nyla Lily – Free eBooks Download


A gentle bookshop owner with an intense gaze. A bride who is tired of running. One shop to share.

Stuck in an arranged marriage to a man she hardly knew, there was only one option left for Ashe. She had to run and never look back. Leave her whole life behind. Too bad she was in a city she didn’t know without anyone to help.
No one but the bookshop owner she happened to come across while taking a break from escaping.
Vince, an older man like no one she’d ever come across. He’s got gentle hands, but a stare that says otherwise. An unmistakable hunger. He likes to stare a lot.
Unlike the man whom she was supposed to wed, Ashe didn’t want to run and hide anymore. Quite the opposite. All she could hope for was for Vince to feel the same.
Once the open sign was flipped to closed, anything could happen.

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